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not able to install centos 7

Posted: 2014/07/15 11:11:07
by adithyank
I m not able to install centos 7...

During installation after i press begin installation, it is showing "starting package installation process" for long time and finally showing a window with message " the following software marked for installation has errors. This is likely caused by an error with your installation source " and shows lot of packages in that window...

I m installing from my dvd drive?

What should I do?

Pls help

Re: not able to install centos 7

Posted: 2014/07/15 13:00:22
by avij
When booting from the DVD, try selecting the media check option from the boot menu to make sure your install media is OK.

Re: not able to install centos 7

Posted: 2014/07/16 17:00:49
by adithyank
I have done verification of the media. It is saying "the media is good to install from"...
I have also verified the MD5 sum of the ISO. That is perfect....

I will explain what I did and how I resolved the problem.

In my laptop I was using centos 6.5 and the following were different partitions...
1. /
2. /boot
3. /home
4. /usr
5. /usr/local
6. /var
7. swap

When I tried to install CentOS 7, during the partition selection page, I chose to delete the "/" and "/boot" of centos 6.5 and created new mount points for centos 7. I selected the remaining partitions of the above list and assigned them same mount points for CentOS 7. In this arrangement the error window came as I explained in my problem statement (1st msg of this subject).

I resolved the problem as follows.

When I closely examined the msg window, I listed some of the packages I was using in CentOS 6.5 and said that some other packages are dependant on these packages.
So, I thought that since I did not chose to reformat /usr and /usr/local, the installer is finding the old packages some how and not able to remove it.

So, I restarted the installation process and chose to reformat /usr and /usr/local also. This time, the packages got installed without any error msg.

But, still I have a doubt.... During error msg also, I chose to reformat / and /boot, so where from the installer is finding the old packages list and why is it trying to remove those packages.......................???????????????????????????????????

But, I resolved the issue. Thanks for the support