Problem with Kernel

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Problem with Kernel

Post by digitallsolutions » 2023/05/29 14:52:12

I have a dedicated server with ovh with centos+plesk, this morning after some interventions they restarted it and they told me that I have to load the kernel to make it start in normal mode because what was present is deprecated. Now I have access via rescue mode rescue64-pro (Debian-8-based).
My server is on ovh.
Who can help me for a fee to solve my problem?
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My centos is 7.9

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Re: Problem with Kernel

Post by TrevorH » 2023/05/29 15:32:46

I think you need to go back to them and ask exactly what they mean. If you had a booting kernel before then it should still boot now. Kernels don't just stop working - they have no expiry date on them. If it worked before then it should work now.

And you should ask for answers on the forum not via DM as then other people can see the bad advice that you are getting and correct it before you do something to make it worse.
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