Python giving wrong FQDN

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Re: Python giving wrong FQDN

Post by TrevorH » 2021/07/13 16:59:57

You can have multiple lines in /etc/hosts that name the same ip address and it will match on any of them. It should be noted that the syntax of hosts lines is

ip-address f.q.d.n alias1 alias2 aliasN
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Re: Python giving wrong FQDN

Post by pjsr2 » 2021/07/13 20:48:52

You could call her "fred.localdomain"
Appendix G of RFC 6762 ( ... appendix-G ) recommends use of one of of the following top level domain names:
  • .intranet.
  • .internal.
  • .private.
  • .corp.
  • .home.
  • .lan.

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