Yum can't update any java-latest packages

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Yum can't update any java-latest packages

Post by charlweed » 2021/03/06 01:55:23

yum update shows the following packages should be updated:

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java-latest-openjdk-debug.x86_64                                              1:                                     epel
java-latest-openjdk-demo-debug.x86_64                                         1:                                     epel
java-latest-openjdk-devel-debug.x86_64                                        1:                                     epel
java-latest-openjdk-headless-debug.x86_64                                     1:                                     epel
java-latest-openjdk-jmods-debug.x86_64                                        1:                                     epel
java-latest-openjdk-src-debug.x86_64                                          1:                                     epel
But the updates for all of them fail because they all depend missing packages:

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Error: Package: 1:java-latest-openjdk-src-debug- (epel)
           Requires: java-latest-openjdk-headless-slowdebug(x86-64) = 1:
Error: Package: 1:java-latest-openjdk-devel-debug- (epel)
           Requires: java-latest-openjdk-slowdebug(x86-64) = 1:
Error: Package: 1:java-latest-openjdk-jmods-debug- (epel)
           Requires: java-latest-openjdk-devel-slowdebug = 1:
Error: Package: 1:java-latest-openjdk-demo-debug- (epel)
           Requires: java-latest-openjdk-slowdebug(x86-64) = 1:
Error: Package: 1:java-latest-openjdk-debug- (epel)
           Requires: java-latest-openjdk-headless-slowdebug(x86-64) = 1:
As far as I can tell, the missing packages all exist for el8, but not for el7. Is there a fix for this?

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Re: Yum can't update any java-latest packages

Post by warrigalthedingo » 2021/03/31 03:39:20

I'm Getting the same issue. I removed all previous versions of java (1.6, 1.7 and 1.8) then tried to install java-latest-*.

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Re: Yum can't update any java-latest packages

Post by TrevorH » 2021/03/31 05:51:55

These packages all come from EPEL so you need to report the problems with them via bugzilla.redhat.com in the Fedora EPEL section.

As a bypass you can yum --exclude=\*debug\* install java-latest-openjdk java-latest-openjdk-whatever
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