Trying to remove ldap due to ldap reflection attack

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Trying to remove ldap due to ldap reflection attack

Post by bernardnall » 2020/02/14 10:16:42


I have been fighting an ldap reflection attack every time I install it on my computer.

I can't figure out how to uninstall ldap. I intstalled it from the everything install image and yum remove openldap removes pretty much everything it seems


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Re: Trying to remove ldap due to ldap reflection attack

Post by TrevorH » 2020/02/14 11:40:59

I think you need to explain more about what you think the problem is. Huge numbers of packages have the "openldap" package as a prereq and thus it cannot be removed - in fact yum will point blank refuse to do so as it depends on it itself (as does systemd).

However, the openldap package is not the server, it is the support libraries which allow other things to interface with an openldap server. The openldap package does not have anything in it that is capable of being used as a reflection attack. In any case, openldap - the server - should pretty much never be exposed to the outside world so the only reflection attackks that are capable of being launched against it would be those done from within your own internal network.

Using yum list openldap\* shows several packages:

openldap - the support files needed for things on your machine to talk to an LDAP server
openldap-clients - utilities for talking to an LDAP server like ldapsearch, ldapadd, ldapmodify etc.
openldap-devel - files required to build binaries that need to interface with LDAP
openldap-servers - the server component. If you don't need to run a server then don't install this
openldap-servers-sql - files required by teh openldap-servers to use a SQL database as its backend.

The only one of those that is required on a system is the first one. It cannot be removed. It cannot be used as a target of a reflection attack.
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