CentOS7 load average issue!

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CentOS7 load average issue!

Post by hodolski » 2024/02/06 07:08:26

hi all
There are a few problems.
I attached photos.


I am not currently using the CPU. But it looks like it's being used. Both ssh and ftp are blocked on my server.
I suspect hacking. What can I check?

I checked the running processes and also checked the logs. I also checked about recently installed files.
There are no files running, but the CPU is busy. help!

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Re: CentOS7 load average issue!

Post by TrevorH » 2024/02/06 10:25:59

Your images are missing. But if you have a consistently busy cpu and nothing appears in top to show what's using it then I can think of two possiblities: first you have some hardware problem that's causing a never ending stream of interrupts that need handling. If this is the case then the numbers in /proc/interrupts file will be astronomically high for one IRQ. If it isn't that then it's more likely that you have been hacked and the hacker has root access which means that they have the ability to hide their processes from view. In this case there is no easy solution other than "back up your data, check it for compromise, reinstall the entire system from scratch, restore your data". Also patch whatever they used to get in.
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