poppassd not work!

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poppassd not work!

Post by camelchen » 2023/08/24 01:11:17

I had install squirrelmail already. But I want to use change_pass to change password! I had download poppassd.c to compile!
The messages responsed, when I try to use command to test poppassd:
telnet localhost 106
Trying ::1...
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
200 mail.taongle.com poppassd v1.6a hello, who are you?
user camel.chen
200 your password please.
pass 1234567
200 your new password please.
newpass abcdef
500 '新 密碼:'. <-- Chinese "`New password:`

And It suspend the command, after I use and other window and use "systemctl restart xinetd" it will release the command
and retrun command prompt.
Appreciate it there is answer!

Best regards!

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