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incrontab rsync

Post by BillBux » 2023/05/05 09:27:28

I am trying to rsync a folder to multiple destinations

1. /data/xyz/abc/ IN_CREATE,IN_DELETE,IN_CLOSE_WRITE /usr/bin/rsync --exclude '*.tmp' -a /data/xyz/abc/ user1@host1:/data/kalyan/

2. /data/xyz/abc/ IN_CREATE,IN_DELETE,IN_CLOSE_WRITE /usr/bin/rsync --exclude '*.tmp' -a /data/xyz/abc/ user1@host2:/data/test/kumar/

Here 1st one is perfectly syncing but the 2nd one never works. Like this I am trying to rsync "/data/xyz/abc/" to multiple servers in multiple locations.
When I run rsync manually(/usr/bin/rsync --exclude '*.tmp' -a /data/xyz/abc/ user1@host2:/data/test/kumar/) it is working with out any errors but in incrontab it won't trigger automatically like #1

Any help please?

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Re: incrontab rsync

Post by BShT » 2023/05/09 11:54:02

I used lsyncd to do this

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