Openbox / compositor installation guide

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Re: Openbox / compositor installation guide

Post by scottro » 2023/04/22 10:45:43

If it helps, I have a page on RHEL9 and clones that includes what I needed for openbox. I don't use obmenu or obconf though. A lot of it can be built from Fedora34 srpms.
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Re: Openbox / compositor installation guide

Post by bonedome » 2023/05/01 12:43:25

you could give fluxbox a try, I had no problems intalling on CentOS 7.
One thing you need to know is, it's extemely basic out of the box and can take a long time to set it up how you want it.
There are a couple of tools to autogenerate a menu though. (fluxbox-generate_menu and fluxbox-xdg-menu)
But it is almost infinitly customisable (I love tinkering)
I can post my menu, keys, startup, styles and init files as templates if you want.

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