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How to undo or reset ha-lvm

Posted: 2021/02/16 17:21:23
by harishpathangay
I have configured a shared storage device with ha lvm to be used in a cluster.
I did all of that and working fine. But now I don't want to be part of cluster. Destroyed the cluster using pcs commands.
How can I disable ha lvm and activate the volume group in one node. I have tried vgchange -ay vgname
Lvchange -ay lvname
Nothing seems to activate the logical volumes inside the volume group.
Any help is great.
Harish P

Re: How to undo or reset ha-lvm [closed]

Posted: 2021/02/17 14:19:44
by harishpathangay
i temporarily switched to locking mode 1 or 0 , i don't remember exact command but was able to activate the volume and delete the files and format the partition etc...
thread closed.
harish p