Remove RED message "Welcome to CentOS linux 7 (core)"

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Remove RED message "Welcome to CentOS linux 7 (core)"

Post by oslyak » 2021/01/12 01:34:19

At system start it shows for a few miliseconds message with red color:
Welcome to CentOS linux 7 (core)

I even had to writedown video from VirtualBox to see this message.
This message very confuse me.
I always expect that red is color of error!

How to remove this message or change it color.
Change color even better.

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Re: Remove RED message "Welcome to CentOS linux 7 (core)"

Post by sml » 2021/01/12 13:46:59

Well, Plymouth hides boot messages by default, usually you must press Esc to see them. Or the kernel command line you boot doesn't sport rhgb and quiet parameters?

Anyway, see variable ANSI_COLOR in file /usr/lib/dracut/modules.d/99base/ Don't change the file directly, instead copy it to /etc/dracut.conf.d and change the copy. I suppose this will change color for all boot messages. Don't forget to mkinitrd after changing the file.

The message itself comes from systemd. So you have to rebuild systemd if you want to change it.

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