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Centos 7 to Centos Stream

Posted: 2021/01/06 13:00:46
by Derrick
With Centos 7 coming to the end of support in 2024, what will the upgrade path be like for Centos 7 to Centos Stream.

I have searched and only found information to go from Centos 8 to Centos Stream. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Most of our Centos 7 Servers are VM's and running either Java Services or Docker, so it wouldn't take much to migrate these services and containers to a new VM with a new install of Centos Stream, but I would like to know what the options are.

Thank you in advanced

Re: Centos 7 to Centos Stream

Posted: 2021/01/06 13:18:57
by scottro
There is no upgrade path, just as there was none from CentOS-7 to CentOS-8. You will have to back up your data and reinstall.