Facing Issues with Centos (Minor) and Virtualmin (Major) Both

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Facing Issues with Centos (Minor) and Virtualmin (Major) Both

Post by bs981 » 2021/01/04 20:05:33


I was trying to get SSL implemented on virtualmin, but it is showing “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” now

Surely the SSL has not been installed correctly. Also I added I.P addresses of my internet provider in order to secure virtualmin login url under “IP Access Control”. It was surely a bad move to make two changes at the same time, but I do have a back up of virtualmin configuration file. I copied old miniserv.conf file and few other files in /etc/conf/ folder and /etc/conf.d/ folder
Contabo Support wants me to re-install virtualmin, but I know lot of settings go into virtualmin. So trying my best to restore it somehow
Any suggestions on how to get out of this new problem ? I would greatly appreciate your suggestions. I am not able to understand whether this problem is related to CENTOS (Memory Overload) or VirtualMin (Overload)

Main hosting domain: helios7.com
Virtualmin login url: vmi411011.contaboserver.net:10000

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Please note: I checked Memory Log and it showed me recent error as

"/var/log/messages:Jan  4 08:32:50 vmi411011 mysqld: 2021-01-04  8:32:50 139762682407104 [ERROR] mysqld: Out of memory (Needed 128663552 bytes)"

I have seen Memory Overloading in CENTOS and tried clearing cache and other issues.

I did steps mentioned in this resource link to free memory : upcloud.com/community/tutorials/troubleshoot-linux-memory-issues/.

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