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Modify partitioning

Post by support07 » 2020/12/29 15:48:02


I will want to change the system partitioning of my Centos OS.
I have two physical disks (see copy image), a 50Gb disk and a 120 Gb disk. The 120 Gb disk is used for / pgsql and uses 44Gb there is space however the / dev / mapper / centos-root partition is full. How can I avoid saturating the first 50G disk?

Thank you.
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Re: Modify partitioning

Post by jlehtone » 2020/12/30 08:29:03

What does fill your root?

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sudo du -d 1 -h -x /
That shows sizes of top-level directories under / that are in the same filesystem. Once you spot the big directories, you can go deeper.

PS. There is no point to take a screenshot (bitmap), if you can copy-paste text from terminal.

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