Can't start Zookeeper Service on Centos 7

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Can't start Zookeeper Service on Centos 7

Post by Spencer_98 » 2020/10/10 08:38:56

Paths are correct, I don't know why I can't start kafka service, all lines, log files, etc and do not say what the Issue is... :/

I'm trying to install kafka on my Centos 7/8 and there is no Issue description I can figure out.

zookeeper.service file:

[Unit] provitalize reviews


ExecStart=/home/kafka/kafka/bin/ /home/kafka/kafka/config/

kafka.service file:
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Re: Can't start Zookeeper Service on Centos 7

Post by TrevorH » 2020/10/10 11:35:57

Might want to start by correcting that which should be on 2 separate lines. That means the User= bit will have been ignored and if it actually did try to start it rather than just error out, it will have run as root and any files it created while it was running will be owned by root and inaccessible to the 'kafka' user when you correct it.
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