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LDAP Server

Post by RGhunasham » 2020/09/16 14:53:15

Hi Everbody,
I am new to Centos 7.
I have my active Directory which is on a Windows Server. However we are having new erp which is on Centos7. There will be an application running on the Centos 7. All my users need to access the application using their active Directory credentials. How can configure that CEntos 7 server so that all my users can log in by authenticating from my Active Directory.


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Re: LDAP Server

Post by gostal » 2020/09/17 10:08:48

It depends on how you want to do it. If your happy using Kerberos and LDAP I can give you a hint on how to do the client setup but details regarding the server setup I cannot provide and it's not likely my sysadmins would come to your aid. However, this way of doing it is on its way to become obsolete and using sssd is the future and here I cannot help at all since my sysadmins wont set it up unless they really have to. Maybe you can find some useful information here:
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