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ADD port 5519

Post by phk » 2020/09/16 10:52:19


Tried to add port a port 5519 on my cent os 7 for the bidirectional communication from my server

After adding port 5519 from the below command also.. when i check the status is not showing #netstat -na |grep 5519
# vi /etc/services
service-name port/protocol [aliases ...] [# comment]

Note: Firewalld service is not running also

What can be done here... Any suggestion ple ?

Thank you

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Re: ADD port 5519

Post by TrevorH » 2020/09/16 15:51:32

/etc/services has nothing to do with actually running or permitting services. It just serves as a way for various commands to translate a port number to a name so they can display things like localhost:smtp rather than

So you need to have an application that is running and is listening on something that is not on the correct port. Then you need to open your local firewall to allow that port. You may also need to tell selinux that your app is allowed to use that port (man semanage-port).
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