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Post by xuqiriqu » 2020/09/11 14:45:55

I want to download centos iso. I noticed the checksum page is not using httpS. Isn't this a security flaw that is any one could put up fake checksums on a page that cannot be verified as genunine? I am probably missing something :| .

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Her mouth closed around the dark areola of Kellie's left breast, her tongue tracing its outline before stroking the underside of her nipple. Finally, she guided the rigid nub between her lips and into her mouth. The sweetness of her flesh was intoxicating and for perhaps for the first time, Gina understood why guys were so fascinated with a woman's breasts. She suckled on Kellie's breast like a newborn babe, which really wasn't a bad comparison, considering that tonight was opening a whole new life to her.
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"Like this?" she asked, looking for reassurance.
"Maybe just a little harder," Kellie suggested, advice Gina quickly took to heart.

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Re: checksums

Post by TrevorH » 2020/09/12 13:50:42

If you're talking about ... ECKSUM.asc then that is a gpg signature so you will need to check the file using GPG after you have it and that eliminates that problem.
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