Resetting custom gnome settings back to default

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Resetting custom gnome settings back to default

Post by phil.e » 2020/08/12 00:26:18

I have a user that is constantly tweaking and customizing his gnome settings, and his machine has become very flaky, freezing up on him all the time, necessitating frequent reboots throughout the day.
For the sake of troubleshooting to see if his issues are in fact caused by his endless gnome tweaking, I would like to return his gnome state back to the plain vanilla generic settings on an initial CentOS install and see if those problems go away.
Would renaming /home/user/.config to config.backup and letting gnome recreate all those files on his next login accomplish that goal? Or is there more to it than that?
It should be noted in this environment, home drives are on a remote NFS share, so his current profile is going to follow him around even if he gets a newly imaged workstation or tries another person's workstation instead.
He is running CentOS 7.7 at the moment.

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