yum update vs. Current Repos\Errata

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yum update vs. Current Repos\Errata

Post by Michael314 » 2020/07/29 12:27:45


My CentOS is running release: CentOS Linux release 7.5.1804. I want to ensure when I run yum update -y my CentOS 7 system is connecting to all the required and current sites to update (AKA repos, erata etc.).

Can you please detail what I need to check\change to ensure this?

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Re: yum update vs. Current Repos\Errata

Post by TrevorH » 2020/07/29 14:24:25

If you're still on 7.5.1804 then you haven't run `yum update` since May 2018. Under normal circumstances that is all you have to do to stay up to date.

If you run `yum update`, what does it say?
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