How to reduce server response time for a WordPress blog

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How to reduce server response time for a WordPress blog

Post by mytechtalky » 2020/07/08 15:24:57

Hello, I am using wordpress on my blog MyTechTalky on a Digitalocean VPS.

The configuration I used my server is as follows: Centos7 + NGINX Server + Redis Cache + PHP 7 PHP-FPM + WP Rocket (For Caching and minify HTML, JS, and CSS).

Still, my server is taking a lot more time to load :cry: as per the result stats of GtMetrix and google Pagespeed and I have no idea what else to do now.

More Details -
Blog -
OS - CentOS7
CMS - WordPress
Panel - VestaCP

Let me know any other information is required :D

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Re: How to reduce server response time for a WordPress blog

Post by KernelOops » 2020/07/08 21:32:26

Too many reasons could cause slow page speed.

Here are some examples for you to check:

- maybe your VPS is just too small (low in memory, shared cpu cycles, etc).
- redis cache is causing more harm, by adding significant delays due to its cache
- php-fpm is badly configured (dynamic mode constantly opening/closing processes, etc)
- your wordpress database tables are damaged, or missing indexes, or just too bloated
- wrong timeout values between nginx/redis/php-fpm (thus connections are forcefully restarted)
- many many others...

I have tons of wordpress sites, they all have A/A rating with gtmetrix. My fully loaded time is about 2.1 seconds, 300kb in page size and 11 requests.

My servers differ based on the year I created them, for example:

Code: Select all

centos 7 + apache 2.4.6         + php 5.4.16      + wordpress 2 or 3
centos 7 + apache 2.4.41 ius    + php 7.2.31 ius  + wordpress 4 or 5
centos 8 + apache 2.4.37        + php 7.2.24      + wordpress 5
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