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Network configuration using kickstart UEFI mode

Posted: 2020/07/07 07:40:00
by paagalladka
Hello everyone, I am trying to build custom ISO with kickstart for automated installation.

Bellow is part of ks.cfg outside of %pre

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# Network information
network  --bootproto=static --device=eth0 --gateway= --ip= --nameserver=, --netmask= --ipv6=auto --activate
network  --bootproto=dhcp --device=eth1
network  --bootproto=dhcp --device=eth2
network  --bootproto=dhcp --device=eth3
network  --hostname=localhost.localdomain
I also have some code %pre section for partition

Now everything works fine if system boots in legecy mode, but as soon as I try UEFI mode
the network configuration part does not work and creates a device named ens33.

I am still new with centOS install process so I don't know at which staze network is being
initialized and how to avoid it create my custom interfaces with names like eth0/eth1..


UPDATE: Sorry it was a silly mistake from my side. Resolved it with "biosdevname=0 logo.nologo" in grub conf.