How do I find out which package an app is in?

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How do I find out which package an app is in?

Post by cuhobacu » 2020/06/23 09:35:42

I use pdftest. It's in the poppler package in Slackware, but not in CentOS. I don't know CentOS.

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Re: How do I find out which package an app is in?

Post by scottro » 2020/06/23 11:37:19

It may not be in CentOS. The way to find what package provides a program is to use the provides option. I have a little page on it at, but the basically all you do is

yum provides */pdftest

(Trying on CentOS-8, it looks as if it isn't available.)

If you have something already installed, e.g., poppler, you can also do

rpm -ql poppler
which will show all the files provided by the poppler package.t
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Re: How do I find out which package an app is in?

Post by jlehtone » 2020/06/23 13:41:58

Are you related to RandomTroll? ... ?p=6136600

pdftotext is in the poppler-utils package.

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