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reboot hirearchy

Post by knzzz » 2020/06/02 04:39:39

Hi All,

I have cluster mounted in 8 servers in which i too have nfs server and client services running on it. In case if i want to shutdown all the servers and restart it latter lets say post two days what is the hireachy will be best practices and also how the nfs services can automount in the client nodes

Do i need to first stop the cluster services
then unmount the nfs services first client then nfs server
then shutdown the servers

Post reboot
1. Starting the nfs slave servers and the nfs master server
2. then stating the cluster services

Please let me know the heirachy


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Re: reboot hirearchy

Post by jlehtone » 2020/06/02 06:13:15

Yes, servers last down and first up.

I do recommend autofs.service in the clients.
It does mount a path only when something tries to access that path.
It does also automatically unmount, if path has not been used for a while.
Systemd has an automounter too, but it does not unmount idle paths like autofs. (Didn't, when I did last check.)

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