need help to downgrade Centos 7.5 to 7.4

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need help to downgrade Centos 7.5 to 7.4

Post by ekemini_87 » 2020/06/01 23:01:19

hey, guys, I need help downgrading from Centos 7.5 to 7.4, am working with a network forensic application tool that can only work with centos 6 to 7.4, am thinking `yum updates` must have done a background update on centos on my machine from 7.4 to 7.5. therefore not allowing the application to work. am in dire need of help :(

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Re: need help to downgrade Centos 7.5 to 7.4

Post by TrevorH » 2020/06/01 23:38:47

No, what you really need is a new application that cares about security. Since whatever this is appears to be security related, are you really going to trust they know what they're doing when they ask you to neglect essential maintenance and Security 101 precautions?

Running CentOS 7.4 or even 7.5 is stupid and insecure. You should ask the vendors of this application if they will indemnify you against loss or damage caused by your system being hacked due to any one of any number of security vulnerabilities in 7.4 or 7.5. They are respectively from 2017-07-31 and 2018-04-10 so you are already more than 2 whole years out of date and want to backlevel your system most of another whole year. There are around 50 vulnerabilities listed on the RHEL 7 Errata page that are marked as "Critical" between 7.4 and now. There are more than 300 more that are "Important" and I didn't even bother to count those marked Moderate or Low.

And, no, there is no background task that would upgrade a 7.4 system to a 7.5 at this point in time. Not since the release of 7.6 as the only update possible is what you're on now to the current latest version of 7.
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