CentOS RAID1 and the Installer

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CentOS RAID1 and the Installer

Post by ntex » 2020/05/30 21:09:40


Been fussing around with that thing.
Low budget server, BXX Raid controller, so instead of using HP driver I rather go Linux Raid.
Seems faster to be honest.

I used for quite sometime on CentOS 6.9 no problem.
Now we're migration some SLES machines finally :lol:

I can have UEFI working no problem, booting either sda - efi or sdb - efi

But the I realized my biggest user / applications partitions are on beginning of the drives ?
I read the CentOS 7 installer the Disk part sucks, when compared to 6.

I don't have PXE for this as now, kind tight on time, so for now Kickstart ain't an option.

Now any good reliable way to set the order straight, maybe it doesn't matter much with modern drives.

And now we can't even setup mdm, it's like also all over the place ? Not ordered either.

Seems it goes by the order of the installer ??

Thanks for any hint, will be very appreciated.

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