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Centos / IDM / FreeIPA and SAMBA

Post by trippinnik » 2020/05/29 15:03:32

I'm working on validating and migrating to a more robust solution to manage a growing number of linux servers. We've traditionally been running Centos 7.

Some of the servers are simply standalone with a few local accounts because primarily running some vendor software
A few more are joined to Windows AD with sssd
a few more are joined with windbind because they are hosting SAMBA shares so that windows users can access the files. This has worked ok, but windbind is querky, we don't have central policies and ID mapping between windows and linux assigns different ids on each local box.

Reading Redhat documentation IDM with cross forest trust seems like the better way to go. Certificates, login etc is working mostly as expected (my users don't like typing in user principal names which i don't see a way around when their account is from another domain)

However I am struggling with the SAMBA setup.

I followed this:

https://www.freeipa.org/page/Howto/Inte ... r_With_IPA

but now smb service won't start. I've been searching for some other documentation on the way to integrate these.

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