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using vsftpd

Posted: 2020/05/23 17:04:55
by edwardsmarkf
hello -

i have installed vsftpd successfully by following this link: ... -centos-7/

my question: when i issue the command:

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systemctl stop vsftpd.service;  ## stop the vsftpd service 
i should think that i would no longer be allowed to sftp into my server, but it does not appear if it matters if vsftpd is running or not.

am i missing something very simple? i am wondering about the line:

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 Subsystem sftp internal-sftp
line in the
file, if it needs to be changed as well.

i have asked the question here as well: ... qus_thread

Re: using vsftpd

Posted: 2020/05/23 20:25:45
by jlehtone
vsftpd is "very secure FTP daemon". FTP, not SFTP. SFTP is "SSH File Transfer Protocol".
The two are unrelated. The vsftpd might be secure among FTP daemons, but FTP is unsecured transfer protocol.