What you need to know before buying a motorcycle helmets

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What you need to know before buying a motorcycle helmets

Post by lightdouth » 2020/05/07 08:24:38

To choose the right helmet for yourself, you will need to consider factors like how much money you are willing to spend, your head size, and your riding style. In this post, HelmetsZone will help you point out somethings you need to know before buying a motorcycle helmet.

The most common standard to evaluate helmets is the Euro standard. A good motorcycle helmet will have a label on the chin strap or a number that represents the country producing it. In the USA, there are three helmet standards which are DOT, Snell, and Euro. Because the helmet is an indispensable protective gear for not only motorcyclists but also many other dangerous sports, and it is also expensive so you need to examine carefully before you buy one. In this post, we list out some factors you need to consider to choose the best suitable helmet:

First of all, you need to know what type of helmet you like. There are various types of motorcycle helmets such as half helmets, full-face, modular, flip-up, Bluetooth, motocross, and open face. The safest helmet is a full face. According to the Hurt Report data, the most affected area on the face is the chin area which accounts for 19.4%. Although half motorcycle helmets are becoming more popular in the USA and Australia, we do not recommend this because it is not approved by Europeans.


People have different motorcycle helmet appetite. Some like modular helmets because of their flexibility. Instead of taking off the helmet every time they want to do something like using ATM, with a modular all they need to do is flip it up, or when riding in slow-moving traffic, users can flip the chin bar up and get fresh air in hot weather, very convenient! Others like a full face because of its maximum safety. Also, a full-face helmet is lighter than a modular and has a longer lifespan.

Secondly, don't pay too much attention to the price. You may pay a high price to buy a good helmet but it does not mean that you can not buy quality helmets at a low price. When you buy a helmet, you will buy its design, too. Obviously, a plain helmet can not be as expensive as a racing graphic motorcycle helmet. Hence, you may wear an expensive helmet with amazing looking, but it is not necessarily safe. Moreover, the graphics will wear out and your helmet will look old soon, then you will need to buy another helmet. In case you want to buy a new motorcycle helmet, we recommend this source https://helmetszone.com/best-motorcycle-helmet-reviews.html If you can check your helmet safety standard, go with SHARP( Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Program).

Thirdly, choose the helmet that best fits your head. One motorcycle helmet size doesn’t fit all heads. There is a difference between the Asian helmets and the helmets made for Europeans. The visor of Asian motorcycle helmets is designed closer to nose and face while the European’s are different. This cause may stem from the human body structure. You should pay attention when choosing a helmet if you are Asians living in Europe or vice versa.

Fourth, test your helmet by wearing it, not for a few seconds but for half of an hour. Why does it need to be that long? It is the minimum time to see if there is any discomfort because actually you will not wear a motorcycle helmet for just a few minutes when riding right? But there is one thing I would like you to keep in mind that you should ask whether you can return the motorcycle helmet that hasn’t been worn on a ride if it is not good for you after you try it, or else you will end up with a helmet you don’t like.

You will need to have some extra checks on the helmets’ ventilation, fogging resistance, or the ability to fit other integrated devices. If you want your helmet to always smell fresh and clean, then you should check for the removability as well. Because if all the parts of your helmet are removable, it will be easier to wash and you will feel like washing it more frequently. If you don’t want to be annoyed by the noise, then look for a helmet with a recess around the ear area. You can read more articles about motorcycle helmets, visit HelmetsZone’s fan page at https://www.facebook.com/HelmetsZones/
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Re: Question about /var/log files

Post by TrevorH » 2020/05/07 08:43:21

The date is the date when logrotate ran and processed the file and renamed it from its original name to the one with the date in it. I have secure-20200503 which has a series of messages dated up to 2020-05-03 in it. I also have 20200426 and the last line in that is Apr 26 03:44:17,20200419 (Apr 19 03:09:08), 20200412 (Apr 12 03:31:56).

Now my system log writes messages to that file about every 30 mins as my VPN does some rekeying so it'll always have messages that are dated within about half an hour of the rotation time in there. Maybe your system isn't so prolific and goes days without writing to it at all?
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Re: Question about /var/log files

Post by MartinR » 2020/05/07 08:44:32

(simultaneous edit)

Although I've not seen this issue on my machines, the explanation is quite straightforward. Sensitive messages are written to /var/log/secure as they occur, in the present case the last one was written on the tenth. At that time it's fairly obvious that the file was modified, so that set the modification date. Two days later, on the 12th, logrotate decided that the file was too big or too old and rotated it. The original file was renamed to secure-<today's date> which is a change in the metadata but not a modification of the file. Hence the file retained the modification date of the 10th, but has a changed date of the 12th and a name of secure-20190512

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