custom repo in Satellite with CentOS

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custom repo in Satellite with CentOS

Post by Darshadow » 2020/03/26 07:17:23


I need to add another repo on my test server through Satellite.
A content view is already defined for this system and repo available:

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# subscription-manager repos
    Available Repositories in /etc/yum.repos.d/redhat.repo
Repo ID:   CentOS_7_CentOS_7_Server_updates
Repo Name: CentOS 7 Server updates
Repo URL:  https://.../development/CentOS_7_Server/custom/CentOS_7/CentOS_7_Ser
Enabled:   1

Repo ID:   CentOS_7_CentOS_7_Extras
Repo Name: CentOS 7 Extras
Repo URL:  https://.../development/CentOS_7_Server/custom/CentOS_7/CentOS_7_Ext
Enabled:   1

Repo ID:   CentOS_7_CentOS_7_Tools_6_4
Repo Name: CentOS 7 Tools 6.4
Repo URL:  https://.../development/CentOS_7_Server/custom/CentOS_7/CentOS_7_Too
Enabled:   1

Repo ID:   CentOS_7_CentOS_7_subscription_manager
Repo Name: CentOS 7 subscription manager
Repo URL:  https://.../development/CentOS_7_Server/custom/CentOS_7/CentOS_7_sub
Enabled:   1

Repo ID:   CentOS_7_CentOS_7_Server
Repo Name: CentOS 7 Server
Repo URL:  https://..../development/CentOS_7_Server/custom/CentOS_7/CentOS_7_Ser
Enabled:   1
I've created a content view and attached it to this client:

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# subscription-manager attach --pool=4028a2da708c530b01711204f38e00c9
Successfully attached a subscription for: TheForeman
But I cannot see it with :

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subscription-manager repos --list or yum repolist
Is this way ok? what could be wrong?
As anyone any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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