[SOLVED] Problem with custom partitions

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[SOLVED] Problem with custom partitions

Post by aussie » 2020/03/22 07:02:34


I built a new computer with an AMD processor and moved my two discs over from my old Intel processor computer. I tried a boot but it said the hardware and changed, I'm now trying to do an install. I want to save the data on the existing partitions, so I selected custom partitions. The problem is went I continue out of custom partitions to go back to the main menu. In the main menu there is this message "Error checking storage configuration". I waited 10 minutes and it never completed the error checking. I have gone back into custom partitions and looked everything over but don't see any problem.
This is my configuration
/var/log LVM encrypt format vg00 4998 Mib
/var/log/audit LVM encrypt format vg00 4998 Mib
A bunch of of other partitions which I don't think matter, but data I want to keep
/tmp LVM encrypt format vg00 9998 Mib
/var LVM encrypt format vg00 9998 Mib
/boot sda1 format 1000 Mib
/ LVM encrypt format vg00 166.01 Gib
BIOS sda6 format 2048 Kib
SWAP LVM encrypt format 70 Gib

This configuration worked when I installed 7.7 on the Intel computer. Does anybody see something I'm missing?

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Re: Problem with custom partitions

Post by TrevorH » 2020/03/22 12:56:35

If you want to try to transplant the disks then you will need to boot the "Rescue" kernel that's last on the grub menu. That should boot as it contains all drivers for all hardware. Once that's done - if it works - then you can use dracut --kver 3.10.0-1062.18.1.el7.x86_64 (adjust for your laest installed kernel version) to rebuild the initramfs for the specified kernel version to include drivers for the current hardware. Alternatively, since a new kernel version came out only a couple of days ago, it might be easier just to get the network to work and then yum update and get the latest kernel installed - yum runs dracut for you and the newly installed kernel will have an initramfs built for the current hardware. Or yum reinstall kernel-3.10..0-etc.
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Re: Problem with custom partitions

Post by aussie » 2020/03/23 07:43:37

Hi TrevorH,

My system is now up and running. Many many thanks.

I couldn't select the the rescue from the grub menu because my USB keyboard was dead. So I used the rescue from the DVD.

Thanks again,

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