Problems displaying an application with "ssh -X"

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Problems displaying an application with "ssh -X"

Post by DrDave » 2020/03/18 16:51:08

This is actually a problem on a CentOS 5 system, but given it only concerns one package, which is nothing to do with the OS, and I'm looking to update to CentOS 7, I'd appreciate any comments.

I have a workstation with OpenSolaris and a server with CentOS. The server has on it

* Gimp - graphics package
* HFSS - 3D electromagnetic simulation package.

When I try to use ssh -X to use hfss, it fails to work properly. In contrast, with Gimp it works fine. The image included shows the problem. In both cases I've logged into the server (robin) from the workstation (sparrow)

$sparrow ssh -X robin
$robin gimp // This works fine.


$sparrow ssh -X robin
$robin hfss

does not. See image. The HFSS GUI comes up, but it can't be read, and the presence of any buttons can't be seen.

Could this be anything to do with an operating system or graphics card, or is it definitely a software issue with hfss? Given other programs like Firefox work fine too, I suspect the problem is with hfss.

Is there any chance an incompatible graphics card on the server would cause this?
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Re: Problems displaying an application with "ssh -X"

Post by aks » 2020/03/18 19:59:14

X display over a network is a "generic" thing.
If an application doesn't obey the "rules" of X, then it probably won't work.
Or it could be a security thing (for example,ssh -Y enables trusted X11 forwarding. Trusted X11 forwardings are not subjected to the X11 SECURITY extension controls.).
Given it works for some and not others, there's a clue there.....

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Re: Problems displaying an application with "ssh -X"

Post by TrevorH » 2020/03/18 21:39:46

Or it might just be missing fonts? Depends on what the correct window would look like. rpm -qa \*font\* | sort on both and compare and contrast.
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Re: Problems displaying an application with "ssh -X"

Post by tunk » 2020/03/19 10:57:34

This might provide some more info: ssh -v -X robin

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