CentOS-7 CIFS symbolic link issue

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CentOS-7 CIFS symbolic link issue

Post by lbetson » 2020/03/08 00:55:38


I am running CentOS-7-7.1908 and using cifs-util.

I created a persistent mount in fstab to a CIFS share on one of our NetApps. The mount works fine no problems there.

The issue I am running into, and maybe its not really an issue at all, is I created a symbolic link to to the CIFs mount, to a folder I created. The symbolic link works and links my folder to the CIFS mount, but when I list out the sym link, ls-l, it appears red in my terminal, like its an archive. I can move around within its directories within the folderer structure of the symbolic link and I can create files, but the fact that it is showing up red in my terminal concerns me. Is this normal behaviour?

I have the same exact mount and symbolic link on one of my CentOS-6 boxes and the sym link is green, as I would suspect it would be. Is this something new in centOS-7 should I not be concerned.

Thank you.

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