Failed to install to multiple node configuration

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Failed to install to multiple node configuration

Post by yiquny » 2020/02/13 19:38:35

In CentOS 7.7, failed to install MapR 6.1.0 for a few times to a 3 node configuration,
decided to install MapR to one node first and it succeeded.
Then use the installer to add one node, it showed errors (as follows).
I don't understand what might be the problem and how to fix it.
Note that /opt/mapr/spark/spark-2.4.4/conf/hbase-site.xml exists.
Anyone knows how to proceed? Please help. Thanks!

Last part of the log follows:

2020-02-13 11:18:49.355: {
"command": "{{ command }}",
"data": "{{ mapr.node|to_json }}",
"mapr_home": "{{ mapr_home }}",
"template_dir": "/tmp/installer/services/templates",
"timeout": "{{timeout.standard}}"
}) -> changed: {
"changed": true,
"mapr_logs": [
"2020-02-13 11:18:00 CST WARN These services [u'mapr-opentsdb-2.4.0', u'mapr-webserver-6.1.0', u'mapr-spark-historyserver-2.4.4', u'mapr-hivemetastore-2.3', u'mapr-cldb-6.1.0', u'mapr-hiveserver2-2.3', u'mapr-apiserver-6.1.0', u'mapr-gateway-6.1.0', u'mapr-zookeeper-6.1.0', u'mapr-resourcemanager-6.1.0', u'mapr-spark-thriftserver-2.4.4', u'mapr-data-access-gateway-2.0', u'mapr-historyserver-6.1.0', u'mapr-hbasethrift-1.1.13', u'mapr-httpfs-1.0', u'mapr-hivewebhcat-2.3', u'mapr-grafana-6.0.2', u'mapr-mysql', u'mapr-oozie-5.1.0', u'mapr-hue-4.3.0'] are inconsistent between /hosts and /config",
"2020-02-13 11:18:49 CST ERROR Command: 'timeout -s HUP 2m hadoop fs -copyToLocal /installer/hbase-1.1.13/hbase-site.xml /opt/mapr/spark/spark-2.4.4/conf/hbase-site.xml', Status: '1', Result: 'copyToLocal: `/installer/hbase-1.1.13/hbase-site.xml': No such file or directory
2020-02-13 11:18:49,0378 3232266753:5692 peerid in binding 7678480195197754754 doesn't match hdr id 5209308469381288433'"
"msg": "Successfully completed stage2 procedures"

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