Extend root file system with multiple disks

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Extend root file system with multiple disks

Post by thush_lak » 2020/02/10 11:03:12

Hi All,

I have some requests every now and then to increase the root file system ( for example cases similar to this .. /dev/mapper/vg00-root 246G 239G 7.7G 97% / ) by adding an extra disk .

I know this is possible but Im reluctant to cater these , as I laways belive a system root should be left in a single disk and should avoind a single copy of a single "system" file system spanning multiple disks

Please can you add your thoughts for this .. ( I know that the user data should be seperated from the root VG , but in this case , this was how the systems used to be built and the user data too have been put under / ( in a different directories ) .

Please can you share your thoughts on this ( I know I can move the user data to a new VG / LV /FS set up , but my intrest is to know what yours thoughts on this ..

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Re: Extend root file system with multiple disks

Post by TrevorH » 2020/02/10 14:27:24

I'd do what you thought of, set up a new VG and (possibly multiple) LVs and migrate selected mount points to those and mount them separately. For example, /var/lib/mysql is a good candidate for being on its own LV though it will require downtime to implement.
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