Net install with update repo active

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Net install with update repo active

Post by jabuzzard » 2020/02/04 13:29:04

My Google foo seems to be failing me at the moment. The question is can you do a network install of CentOS 7 with the update repo active so that you automatically get any updates without having to log on after the install and issue a "yum update"? If so what does one need to do to achieve this?

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Re: Net install with update repo active

Post by Thraex » 2020/02/04 13:36:15

I did this but with my own local repository server but the process should be the same. In a kickstart, make sure the network is on and can reach out, DNS is working, and then in the %post section do yum update -y

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Re: Net install with update repo active

Post by TrevorH » 2020/02/04 15:51:58

Theoretically yes. In practice, not so sure. There used to be a bug in days of yore that had it blow up during the install if it installed a glibc package from updates but I have no idea if that bug still exists. I know it was never solved but it may have been for el6 or may have just gone away when no-one was looking.
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