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vgimport problem with LVM Partitions

Posted: 2020/01/07 10:57:10
by Mr_Si
Hi all,

I have a data drive from a dead computer where it was not possible to do a vgexport before the computer died (it was a backup server running off basic computer hardware). The OS disk died, but the data disk was and is good.

I've now re-installed the OS (CentOS 7) (was previously 6.10) and I'm tring to see if I can re-amalgamate the data disk with vgimport, but I'm getting the error that vg_data was not exported (which is correct, as the server had died at some unknown time - it was on but not booted up properly with loads of block failures).

Is there a way to force-import it to LVM?

I thank you in advance!

Re: vgimport problem with LVM Partitions

Posted: 2020/01/07 11:20:14
by Mr_Si
never mind, it seems to be fine.

I just re-made it active using the

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vgchange -ay

Then I made the directory, re-mounted it, added it to fstab and rebooted.

All good.