Radius Authentication phpIPAM with Centos7

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Radius Authentication phpIPAM with Centos7

Post by seckinever » 2020/01/06 11:52:11

I have setup phpIPAM on Centos 7 and that is working fine but I need to join the webpage for phpIPAM to RADIUS. I have set up a user in IPAM, made it into a user group and setup RADIUS settings, on my RADIUS server.

I have set up a user also, but every time I try to login to the webpage with my AD account, it suddenly shows incorrect username or password. In the firewall logs, I do not see any attempt, in my event viewer at the radius server, I do not see any attempt.

Is there anyone who has faced a similar problem or have setup RADIUS for IPAM?

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Re: Radius Authentication phpIPAM with Centos7

Post by TrevorH » 2020/01/06 15:05:52

A wild guess, if you think your config is correct and should work then try running setenforce 0 as root then retry and see if the issue is fixed. If it is then you've been caught by selinux and the details of how/why will be in the audit log. Use aureport -a to show a list of the denials and get details by using ausearch -a nnnn where nnnn is the number from the righthand end of each line of the aureport -a output.

Oh, and first step is probably to look at the selinux booleans like httpd_can_network_connect
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