Array Disk Name Changed To /dev/md127

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Array Disk Name Changed To /dev/md127

Post by ajmeireles » 2020/01/05 05:59:05

Hello! I doesn't know if is the correct section to this question, please sorry me if I'm wrong.

I want know if here on community have someone that have the same problem(while I waiting the response of technical support). I manage a WHM/cPanel Server with CentOS 7 and CloudLinux and yesterday I had some problems on the server and it forced me to reboot some times the server, all reboot was fine and server return to use without any issues, but I checked that after reboot was completed the array disk name of raid1(user basefiles) has changed from /dev/md3 to /dev/md127, the array raid1 continue working without any issues, but I need understand what's happened.

I found some information in other forums, but I saw nothing that could be a serious problem so I decided to open this topic to find out if anyone with experience in WHM has had the same problem. Has anyone experienced anything similar using WHM? Is there any way to change the name and fix it so that it no longer occurs? Is moving the array having files written to it a risk?

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Re: Array Disk Name Changed To /dev/md127

Post by TrevorH » 2020/01/07 17:54:44

We don't support systems with either WHM or cpanel installed as they replace lots of CentOS with their own things.

Array names should be transparent and cannot be relied upon to stay the same. Use UUID or LABEL to mount your filesystems not device names. Or use LVM on top and then use the LV names instead.
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