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CentOS & Xwiki

Post by Linux4Free » 2019/11/28 18:15:52

hello forum members,

im trying to get a vm with centos7 and xwiki up and running. After installation i have one issue left that is in my view not really a wished behaviour

as mentioned im running centos7 and installed xwiki onto it. I used this Guide https://thishosting.rocks/how-to-build- ... on-centos/

The Access to xwiki is up and running properly as long as i dont reboot the vm but after reboot and login to centos the website of the xwiki isnt available anymore (browser connection error) i wonder if i could get a bit of a clue here why that happens.

Id like to ask if anyone here is using xwiki & centos7 as well and maybe could give me an idea where to look at to solve that issue

Of course im able to offer more details if needed

many thanks in advance :)


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Re: CentOS & Xwiki

Post by darthbolek » 2019/12/01 14:09:25


The answer will be in script: start_xwiki.sh
My first guess will be that servlet container (Tomcat?) has not been configured to start on system startup

Possible solution:
Create a systemd service to start the "start_xwiki.sh" script on system startup

Why are you using a 3rd party installer? There is nothing wrong with the installation manual from the project (from xwiki.org).
Or even better, use it in a docker container - I am very happy with that.

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