creating the users securely

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creating the users securely

Post by knzzz » 2019/10/20 06:53:53

Hi Team,

I have 3 users and its respective password now my query is how to write a script in such a way if someone read the script should not be able to view (if we did the encryption) the password, need assistance


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Re: creating the users securely

Post by jlehtone » 2019/10/20 08:33:56

If your script would be for 'ansible', then it would use 'user' module: ... odule.html

Which means the script would store a hashed value: ... ser-module

Those hashed values could be stored in encrypted (i.e. password protected) in a Vault: ... vault.html

However, encrypting a password has is from brute force point of view just a deck of cards that has been shuffled twice; no more shuffled than the hashes.

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