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Virtual Private Server

Post by Clem91 » 2019/09/26 11:54:25

Hello Community,

Since one year I discover Linux.
I began with Debian.

For a recent project , I choose CentOS.

I have to use OSticket.

During my test , I used VirtualBox with 2 Virtual Machines :

-Debian router
-CentOS Server

Yet I am looking for a good Virtual Private Server with a good price.

What I use :
- CentOS7 mode Core
- Maria DB / PHP / ...
- Samba AD-DC
-"Samba DNS" or Bind
- Qmail
- OSTicket

What I would like to do :
- Use this VPS for OSticket
- Possibility to add Active Directory users (new and old) as OSticket users

I think I don't forget anything.

I don't know VPS for the moment.
Could you give me some advice, please ?


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