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size recommendations

Post by xo)mora » 2019/09/03 15:54:28

HI, I have a CENTOS SERVER, his partitions size is in the attachment file, please will you give you recommendations for it ?

I don't use virtual machine, I attached the image of virtual machine list.

Thanks a lot.
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Re: size recommendations

Post by TrevorH » 2019/09/03 16:02:46

You took the installation defaults for partition sizes so you've ended up with a 50GB / and the rest of the disk (minus /boot and swap) is all allocated to /home. If /home is not where you want the space then you need to make it smaller but since it uses the xfs filesystem, you cannot just shrink it as xfs cannot be shrunk. You've also not used LVM so this is not going to be easy (LVM would have made this trivial).

You need to backup the data, make the partition smaller by using fdisk/parted destroying any and all data that is on that partition. Then reformat it and restore the data. That will leave you with a bunch of unpartitioned space that you can use for other filesystems but because you don't use LVM you cannot use that to resize your 50GB / filesystem.
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Re: size recommendations

Post by xo)mora » 2019/09/03 16:58:07

Ok, thanks a lot.

Considering your answer, I think the best option is backup all data and reinstall Centos 7 and create a LVM.


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