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Mac Mini minimal install terminal resolution

Posted: 2019/08/17 03:53:00
by pikadroo
Greetings all, I am new to the forum! :D

I have a minimal install of centos 7.6 (1810) (upgraded from 1808) on a mac mini and I just like to use the shell for my work but my screen resolution is so high it's pretty much impossible for me to use with bad eye sight. I have been logging in remotely to work on it for the time being. I have really tried to figure out how to make grub give me something like 800x600 or 640x480 resolution, like 80x24 characters not 250x80 for the shell but it just won't take the change. I have tried every solution I can fine searching the net (some being more than a decade old). I don't think I am able to do quick edits in the grub menu at boot since CTRL+X/F10 is not working that I can tell... So is it just not possible for some reason on the mac? If someone knows how to do it in v7.6 on a mac please let me know or even just point me to the for sure way that should work in 7.6. Help me save what remains of my eye sight. :lol:



Re: Mac Mini minimal install terminal resolution

Posted: 2019/08/22 03:24:21
by pikadroo
Well, never mind. I figured it out. The console font was the problem and I am not sure why I recalled changing this with Grub. Maybe I did it with a VM once or something. Anyhow, if anyone else is ever stuck in a problem like this.


The setting:


works great for my needs. :mrgreen: 8-)