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Very slow logins specific to one user account

Posted: 2019/08/13 22:05:49
by phil.e
I'm having an issue with a user account that is getting very slow login/logout times over both console logins and ssh logins - between 30-45 seconds to login and/or logout. Other user accounts on the same machines don't have the same problem - maybe 1-3 second logins.
The ssh logins have been tried using both username/password logins and key based logins.
The to/from machines are either CentOS 7 or CentOS 6. They authenticate to an MS Active Directory server using Centrify as the intermediary.
The info I've gathered off Google typically points to a DNS setting, a reverse DNS setting, or GSSAPIAuthentication setting, but I'm doubting that's the issue because it should affect every user in that case, not just one specific user. All these machines have the same settings for these three items.
This might be a centrify issue, but I'm throwing it out here just in case someone might have seen this before in centos.
I'll try a centrify forum separate from this.

Re: Very slow logins specific to one user account

Posted: 2019/08/20 20:10:57
by phil.e
If anyone is interested and following this thread, the resolution turned out to be changing the default shell from /bin/tcsh to /bin/bash.
Login times changed from 30-40 seconds down to 1-2 seconds.
I'm still a little exasperated because I don't know *why* changing the shell would have such an effect on logon times. :(