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sleep with crond

Posted: 2019/06/16 08:39:30
by buggy_the_clown
hey guys, please some help

I have ubuntu in my laptop but after some "experiments" (i tried to unistall ubuntu mate desktop and install lubuntu desktop which is lighter) i have lost settings about power options and now my laptop never sleeps. So, i think to do it with a script or with crond. Its exactly the same as centOS. Is this possible? Which is the command in centOS detects inactivity? Please do not bother with the distro, after all ubuntu have systemd in the latest versions..

Re: sleep with crond

Posted: 2019/06/16 12:34:44
by TrevorH
You'll need to ask on an Ubuntu forum as it's off topic here.

Re: sleep with crond

Posted: 2019/06/16 16:36:33
by buggy_the_clown
okey, i knew this was coming.. i got bored to create an account in a ubuntu forum haha