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SNI - Default welcome page for all

Post by jeffshead » 2019/05/20 12:19:32

I have a VPS with a CentOS 7 droplet (OpenVZ).

I setup Let's Encrypt. The problem I encounter is that the default welcome page and self-signed cert is served when I visit

I followed these instructions but my VPS is hosted elsewhere: ... n-centos-7

I can't find the problem. If I edit \etc\httpd\conf.d\ssl.conf and change the following line...

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<VirtualHost _default_:443>

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<VirtualHost _default_:4431>
...the correct page and cert are served since the default vhost is listening on a different port.

So it appears the default vhost is taking precedent over my other vhost files.

Am I supposed to remove the default vhost from ssl.conf in order for SNI to work?

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