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questions regarding Launch script.

Posted: 2019/05/16 20:41:11
by johnpraxel
I have created a script that is a menu that allows me to do function, IE generate reports, ssh, pull specific data from clients on the network. It works well I can run specific commands as from root such powerdown and ssh into all clients etc.

I created a launcher that allows me to start the menu, but I run into problems when running programs it will prompt for the root password. All permission are correct as it work from running the script from the command line and all options worked prior.

Here is the launcher:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=start the menu program perform maintenance.

If someone could point me in the right direction it would be most helpful as I am a newbie on this.



Re: questions regarding Launch script.

Posted: 2019/05/17 16:08:14
by aks
You don't need the shell header in a .desktop launch file. Gnome complies with XDG: ... atest.html (although which version of XDG and which version og Gnome may come into play).