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Ansible - HA

Posted: 2019/04/24 14:55:09
by Sheepykins

I'd like to make an Ansible setup to administer my VMs.
I'd like to try and make it HA.

Has anyone done this and have any models I could try?

I was feeling something like two VMs, with a shared disk using some kind of block replication to copy the data.

But I'm not sure if Ansible works that way, Can I have an installation on two boxes but have them share one set of data on a disk? As Ansible doesnt have a database I'm not sure.

Any thoughts,

Re: Ansible - HA

Posted: 2019/04/24 19:56:38
by hunter86_bg
There is already a project to do that -> oVirt .
There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

Re: Ansible - HA

Posted: 2019/04/25 08:23:46
by Sheepykins
Well, i did not know that existed clearly :P

But in this case i would prefer to reinvent the wheel. Read up on oVirt, dont think its the solution for me.

Just looking for simplicity and in this case all i need is Ansible, AWX running over a HA pair.
Also my systems are running away from the internet and I have the mirrors I need locally for Ansible but not much else

Re: Ansible - HA

Posted: 2019/04/25 19:55:48
by aks
I think you miss the point.
Put your (Ansible) code in a programming repository (like git).
Pull from it when you need to. Push to it when you need to.
Where's the HA - it's actually peer-to-peer.