Is CentOS the right distro for KVM it not to "old"?

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Is CentOS the right distro for KVM it not to "old"?

Post by MrCalvin » 2019/03/15 17:05:19

Just found a PDF from RHEL Storage-Performance-Tuning-for-FAST-Virtual-Machines

One of the adviced given was to make sure you're running the newest kernel and newest version of QEMU.
But isn't RHEL/CentOS one of the distros the use the oldest kernel and software versions?
Can someone enlighten me why CentOS is actually is a good choice?
I understand old = stable, but old is also equal to "missing must-have-features"

Or perhaps RHEL/CentOS's kernel is patched in a way that make it up-to-date, even though it's kernel version is old?

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Re: Is CentOS the right distro for KVM it not to "old"?

Post by TrevorH » 2019/03/15 17:10:20

Because about half the authors of most OSS projects work for Redhat?

And don't judge by version numbers: The CentOS/RHEL kernel has substantial portions of its code backported from newer 4.x kernels.

Please see for information on backporting of security fixes and features in CentOS and RHEL. Additionally may also be of use.
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